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Other Things To Do in Cheboygan, MI

We KNOW you will enjoy all we have to offer, but here is a list of noteworthy lesser known area attractions that Captain Jennifer frequents regularly with her family. Many are outside activities that can help you enjoy a little more of the “natural” north.

  • Our first recommendation is one that ties very closely with the history of our area (and that offered on our shipwreck tour) and an absolute BLAST! The Jack Pine Lumberjack show is one of our favorites, and some nights.
  • There are SEVERAL wonderful nature hikes in the area, one right across the river from our port! The Children’s Trail is a unique opportunity to enjoy some education and wildlife for all ages!
  • Duncan Bay nature preserve offers a beautiful path through the wetlands and to the shore of Lake Huron!
  • Gordon Turner Park is the IDEAL place for a picnic and swim (and boasts our best beach), right in Cheboygan! It’s also a wonderful place to bird watch.
  • We love to tell everyone about Kitch-Iti-Kipi, a state park located in the Upper Peninsula- about an hour and a half away. It’s WELL worth the trip!
  • The USCG Icebreaker Museum is a great way to actually tour an icebreaker vessel!
  • One of Captain Jenn’s personal favorites, The Old Mackinaw Point Lighthouse offers everyone a chance to see what the deeper wrecks look like today!
  • Fishing along The river is always great fun, you can get gear at Katfisher Bait and Tackle.

These are just a few we like to mention for those of you wanting a more “up north” experience…less crowds and more outdoor adventures. Let us know what else needs to be added as you explore!